Put your website in the hands of our experts and we can make sure it stays up to date and looking great!

It doesn’t matter if we didn’t build it, our web design experts can take over doing any regular or occasional edits to your website.

Maintaining your website might include:

  • Adding/deleting pages
  • Adding news/blogs
  • Changing images
  • Adding/removing events
  • Adding new staff profiles
  • Creating new functionality
  • Adding video content
  • Adding/changing forms
  • Plus anything else

Having a maintenance agreement with us means you can call on us to carry out any updates you require during the month.


Website Maintenance Services
A business website performs two primary functions – 1) Promoting brand and products in the local and international markets; 2) Providing customers with the vital information about the company. Visitors come to a site in search of an answer to a query. If they get it once, they will surely get back next time. Now, imagine otherwise! A wrongly designed website can make you lose the initial visitors and lots of money.This is like being trapped in a no-win situation. Creating and launching a website is not enough. To run it smoothly and successfully, its maintenance is important. Just like, buying a car is good, but irregular or no servicing can snatch its sheen. Website Maintenance is an afterprocess, where a series of activities ensures efficient running of the site. It has to be a regular process, but some individualsschedule itas and when required. Website Maintenance is critically important for content upgrade, technical sophistication and user experience. A website would be able to cater the ever-expanding needs of the users, only when it remains advanced and modish. It keeps the security breaches at a distance and enhancesthe overall functionality.

Benefits of Website Maintenance
The importance of a fresh and renewed website cannot be ignored. Website Maintenance is of the essence because it helps strengthening your image online, and establish you as a strong leader in the business circles. Ask yourself, will you ever trust a website with outdated and deplorable content? Obviously, not.

  • A fresh, improved and innovative website is an evidence of professionalism and credibility.
  • A website with regular inclusion of new products, features and information wins absolute trust.
  • Customers repose faith and confidence in a website that provides accurate and reliable information.
  • Updated content draws more customers to a website.
  • Traffic Analysis and other data add a boost to the online business.
  • Search Engines like Google and Bing have a greater liking for well-maintained sites.